Female Hormones – Adult

Female Hormones – Adult

The formula of Femolene MyLife ADULT has been specifically developed to support those fluctuating hormones on weekly basis.

There are four sets of capsules in the pack, colour coded to make sure you take the correct formula in the correct week.

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WEEK ONE: Let’s face it, this week can be rough! During week 1 (your week of menstruation) you may feel irritable, crave junk food and sugar, and may also experience cramping and bloating. Depending on the woman, these cramps can be dull and achy or sharp and intense. Either way, it’s not a great thing to deal with, along with everything life throws at you. This week’s tablets have been specially formulated to try and help alleviate these symptoms. Make sure you take two purple tablets daily after breakfast for the whole week. Should you be one of those women who has a shorter menstrual cycle, then shorten the amount of white tablets you take in your pack. You should always be on the purple tablets when you are menstruating and on the pink tablets the week before menstruation, during symptoms of PMS.


WEEK TWO: So it’s ovulation time! During the next two weeks of your hormonal cycle the lining of the uterus starts to grow again and becomes thicker, ready for another egg (ovum) which will be released from your ovary. Because your body is releasing Estrogen, your hormone levels will vary and this change can make you feel out of sorts. This week’s formulation may help to support your body through these hormonal changes. Make sure you take two white tablets daily after breakfast and complete the tablets for the week. Your Calcium levels drop during this time so we’ve added a bit more Calcium and Phosphorous into the mix. These are not only great for the bones but also for lower blood pressure and to lessen the effects of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). They may also help you to maintain a healthy metabolism and might even increase your energy levels.


WEEK THREE After ovulation, your body temperature and hormone levels rise. To be honest, this is the time where your body is preparing for egg fertilization and implantation… in other words pregnancy. The uterine lining is thick and Estrogen and Progesterone levels are at their peak. An egg has moved out of the ovaries into the fallopian tubes, on its way to your uterus. If this egg is fertilised by a sperm, it will attach to the wall of the uterus, and if not, it will dissolve and be passed out of the body during menstruation. Your hormone levels are fluctuating right now and this week’s formulation may help to support your body through these hormonal changes. Make sure you take two white tablets daily after breakfast. Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Iron are especially important in supporting this part of your cycle.


WEEK FOUR In week 4, most women experience some form of PMS. And rightly so, your hormone levels are decreasing and your body is preparing for menstruation. During PMS you may experience breast soreness, bloating, acne (yikes!) and cravings for sugar and junk foods, increased hunger and thirst, tiredness and not to mention the mood swings. This week’s formulation may support your body through these hormonal changes while balancing your blood sugar levels and preventing skin breakouts… we know how embarrassing pimples can be. Make sure you take two pink tablets daily after breakfast and complete the tablets for the week. We’ve added Chaste Tree Berry, Evening Primrose Oil, and Theanine – which may help combat all the nasty symptoms of the pre-menstrual period.

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